Mr. Simple Repackage “A-Cha”


[110914/News + Information about Super Junior’s 5th repackaged album] Super Junior will release their 5th repackaged album on Sep 19th. The title song is A-cha, which is composed by the same composer of Super Junior M’s song – Perfection, actually has a rock style. Apart from the original 19 tracks, there will be 4 new tracks A-Cha, Oops (feat f(x)), A Day and Andant. Oops is remade by Eeteuk, Shindong, Heechul, Donghae and Eunhyuk. Andante is produced by Super Junior M member Henry and Eeteuk.

Credit News: Source: Synnara English Translation by @MinBunny via @raichanxd
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Yyeaahh A-Cha is out now *scream* 11/09/19 00:01 KST

I’ll share sites for download this album:






Soribada English




please support SJ with download in legal sites (mark bold) to get win at GDA and make A-Cha in position #1 at music chart online with way, lets go search 슈퍼주니어 아차 on AND . Just copy and paste 슈퍼주니어 아차 and search search search.

I was shared lyrics in this album, please klik here to sing with the lyric

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